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Aggressive Dog Breeds

Aggressive dog breeds are probably the most controversial topic in the canine world. Some claim the breeds are a learned behaviour, while others say genetics is responsible for aggression. I'm sure both characteristics play a large part, a docile dog can be taught aggression and just because a dog is labelled as an aggressive breed doesn't mean that dog would ever act out aggressively with the proper training and care.


First and foremost The Beach Dog is a lover of all dogs and this policy disclaimer is intended as an unbiased attempt to state facts and not an opinion so please note that we do not have any prejudice for the aggressive dog breeds. For more information on testing behind aggressive dog breeds start here.


The simple fact is that the insurance liability can be hard to attain or pricy due to past issues with the aggressive dog breeds. For this reason, the aggressive dog breeds are not allowed in attendance at The Beach Dog Daycare. Your understanding on this matter will be greatly appreciated.


Mixed breed aggressive dogs also pose a problem with liability and for this reason, the mix is also taken into consideration at your initial intake interview. Please do not take it personally if The Beach Dog denies a pet considered to be an aggressive dog breed mix. We don't make the insurance policy criteria but we are bound to comply with policy rules. If you have any further questions or concerns please call Pam directly, she is happy to help.


Please note that no one knows your dog better than the owner so all things are considered during our intake meeting.




Insurance Aggressive Dog List


  • Pit Bull Terriers

  • Staffordshire Terriers

  • Rottweilers

  • German Shepards

  • Presa Canarios

  • Chow Chows

  • Doberman Pinschers

  • Akitas

  • Wolf-hybrids

  • Mastiffs

  • Cane Corsos

  • Great Danes

  • Alaskan Malamutes

  • Siberian Huskies

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