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Please call Pam for a custom consultation 1-978-499-1881

Life well...

What better place to board your dog than in his second home, at the beach dog daycare. There are many reasons why you might choose to board your dog for the night or for a short stay away from the home. Let’s face it life happens, perhaps it’s a well-planned event such as a wedding or a tropical vacation. Maybe it’s just so that your dog is in a safe place when there is unforeseen chaos at home, such as the passing of a loved one, a family reunion we’re noise and chaos could be a problem. Just like our children, it’s OK to have separation for brief periods of time. The important part is that both of you know boarding at The Beach Dog is a safe, happy, and healthy environment.

New Dogs are always welcome...

But what if it’s your dog’s first stay away from the home? Surely this puts the family on edge. It doesn’t have to be an uneasy decision to make, at the beach dog daycare you can board your dog with the confidence that your dog will be treated like one of the gang, a fun, family, pack of dogs where everyone is loved.

Customise your sleepover...

When your dog comes for a sleepover at The Beach Dog Daycare they have access to full rooms for mobility and comfy couches, just like at home, they even have a tv to keep them company all night. Sometimes when you board your dog you may have simple rituals that your dog enjoys at bedtime, no worries, upon your intake consultation with Pam she can customize a plan that fits both you and your dog. For example, The Beach Dog Daycare prides themselves at being a kennel free facility, although, some dogs are more accustomed to their kennel, having used them at home as a safe place. Of course we can accommodate a kennel sleepover so your dog has the amenities of home.  


If your dog is not already a member of The Beach Dog pack, it might be beneficial to have them join the daycare for a few days prior to their sleepover. This allows your dog to build familiar surrounds before his initial drop off. At this point when you board your dog, they see it more as an opportunity for a play date, no stress, and therefore no worries while you are away.

Drop between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Dogs dropped off for boarding before 5 are charged a daycare fee.


Please Note: If your pooch isn't picked up before 10:00 a.m. a daycare charge will apply.


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