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Professional Dog Grooming

Your dogs day "in our salon" usually starts with a hydro surge bath. This unique system produces a vigorous flow of warm bathing solution that penetrates through the coat for a thorough cleaning and relaxing massage to the skin.


The invigorating jet action removes loose hair, dead skin, and other debris for the healthiest skin possible. Dogs love the massage-like treatment so it's an enjoyable experience for both the dog and the groomer. It's a wonderful therapeutic treatment for those dogs with sensitive skin.

We use only organic shampoos, conditioners and grooming sprays by Espree Dog Care Products. If you have medicated products from your vet, please bring them in and we will be happy to use them as prescribed.


Next is the drying process. We hand towel dry first as much as we can and use our handheld hair dryer.  Drying can  take from 15 minutes to several hours depending on your pet's coat. 


Pricing is based on your dog's size, breed specific grooming requirements and coat condition.  All pricing is an estimate, especially when given over the phone.  


The Beach Dog Daycare
Grooming Salon

The Basic Beach Dog Bath Includes:

Hydro Surge Bath

Basic brush Out

Blow Dry


LARGE DOG        $40.00


MEDIUM DOG    $35.00


SMALL DOG        $30.00




Excessive Shedding


Long Coat


Ear Care


Teeth Brushing


Breed Spacific Clip


Shave Down


Puppy Cut


Anal Glands

Experienced In Specific Breed

Our current clients dog breeds consist of : Labradoodle, Poodle,Golden Doodle,  Bichon, Portuguese Water Dog, Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Schnauzer, Terrier breed mixes, Golden Retriever, Boarder Collie, Collie, Black Labrador Retriever and Australian Sheep dog.

Breed Specific Full Grooming


LARGE DOG        $75.00 +


MEDIUM DOG    $65.00 +


SMALL DOG        $50.00 +

Hydro Surge Bath: with all coat conditioners included

Ear Care: Cleaning and plucking

Nail Clip and Grind

Teeth Brushing

1/2 hour Dematting or 1/2 Hour Shed Out

Choice of Clip 

Your Choice of One

Puppy Cut

Owner Specific

Breed Specific 

Shave Down

Please Note

Exact prices will be given upon consultation

Please Note

Prior to your dogs bath our groomer will discuss your dogs needs and provide the final price.

A La Carte Items

Nail Clip and/or Grinding    $10.00


Teeth Brushing                      $5.00

The Beach Dog Professional Dog Grooming

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