Bad Dog Breath?

5 Simple Fixes for a Better Pooch Smooch

Love your pooch's smooches? Is Rover starting to get stinky breath? Before we get into the holistic approaches to curing this dilemma please note that sometimes bad dog breath can be a sign to hear, not smell. In other words a change in your dogs breath could be related to an ailment. Research the causes and start with the "why" and then move on to the easy fixes that are so nutritious and healthy they should be part of your dogs daily regime anyway. So if you have done your due-diligence and have accessed the bad dog breath with no ailments that requires a trip to the vet then lets look at five easy home remedies that are all natural and organic.

1. One of the biggest culprits to bad doggie breath is tarter build up; this can also cause other ailments in your pooch. Brushing your dog’s teeth cannot only cure stinky breath but aid in a healthy pooch.

2. Chew toys can be a great way for your dog to brush their own teeth but be aware of what your pooch is chewing on. This article by Precision K9 lists a variety of things not to let your dog chew on and why. At The Beach Dog we use Bully sticks. These are all natural and slightly squeamish for some to hear but once you research you’ll find that they really are the best things for your dog to chew on. Plain and simple a Bully Stick is the penis of a bull. After you read what not to let your dog chew on and why, I think you’ll find the Bully Stick the best and most natural choice.

3. Tip number three is a best practices remedy, always make sure your pooch has plenty of water…that being said put the bowl up for the night so your not walking Fido at 3:30 am. But keeping your dog fully hydrated helps prevent stinky breath.

4. One of my all time favorite remedies is using fresh herbs. Chopping fresh parsley and sprinkling it in your dogs food is not only a breath freshener but supplies vitamins and minerals to your dogs nutritional intake as well. Fennel works great too.

5. A natural diet limiting canned and cheap dog food can also help with bad dog breath. Try fruits and veggies as snacks. I have two labs and they both like apples and carrots. Dr Dobia’s blog “What Veggies are Good for your Dog” goes into great detail about a raw food diet for your pooch. While an all Raw Food Diet might not be a daily routine you are willing to go with his blog has some very helpful supplementary ideas…check it out.

So that’s that…simple, right? Happy smooching!

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