No Hot Dogs this Summer: Keep your Dogs Safe and Cool

Keep your dog cool this summer with a few creative and fun ideas from The Beach Dog Daycare. We have a few quick tips for dog safety plus a few creative tips to share. No hot-dogs this summer just a few cool canines!

It goes without saying that in the hot summer months its priority number one to keep your dog cool and safe in the summer months. Dogs can sweat slightly through the pads on their paws but most temperature regulation happens through the tongue and panting. Unlike humans a dogs sweating process is a lot more complicated. Keep your dog cool and safe this summer with full access to shade and plenty of fresh water. If you have access to AC and cool flooring tiles or concrete that’s a bonus. Plan walking and arranging daytime activities early in the morning and later in the day when the pavement isn’t hot and the sun isn’t at its strongest. Always practice safety first, then let the summer fun begin.

Can you imaging being covered in fur on a hot day like today…bla! High on the “Keep your dog cool this summer” list is proper grooming. A shed-out or de-matting is the best way to keep your dog clean and cool. Lots of people shave a dog down for the summer. Just like human’s dogs can get sunburnt too, so be aware of the dangers of a new shave and delicate-skin exposer in the sun. After Rover gets his summer shave-down make sure to have a trusted sunblock on hand. We recommend a professional grooming, this insures a proper cut and gives you the opportunity to ask your dog groomer about safety concerns regarding sunburns and what products your groomer would recommend.

Next tip is one of our favorites. Make an ice block to keep your dog cool this summer and hide your dog’s favorite treats and toys in it. This stimulates your dog to stay hydrated by enticing them to get as many licks in as possible to get to their toy and treats inside the ice block. Hide familiar toys and add a few new additions to their block. Then add treats that wont get soggy like a bone, hot dogs or rawhide. Look how smart and creative this dog is when his owners give him just enough of his favorite ball to sink his teeth into.

You can use just about anything as a mold for the ice. I prefer to use a plastic tub or container (depending on how much room you have in your freezer). This way the block can be twisted and manipulated when you’re ready to take it out and give it to your dog. If you don’t have a plastic tub or container use a large mixing bowl, after sitting in the sun for a few minutes the ice cube will drop out of the bowl.

Cool summer treats can be very refreshing and easy to create. Try using fresh veggies or fruit that your dog already loves (my dog Maddy likes apples) and freeze them in chicken broth. Check out this recipe that shows you how to copy-cat frosty paws.

So, make your dogs summer cool and fun but always remember the common sense tips; Access to shade at all times, plenty of fresh water, and plan daytime activities when the sun isn't at it's peak strength. Have a professional shave and use sunblock, then create an amazing and cooling treat by adding dog snacks and toys in an easy to create ice-block. Also be mindful if you see a dog in a car on a hot day; please report the issue with your local animal control. It’s not narking if a hot dogs not barking!

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