The Benefits of Boarding Your Dog

The benefits of boarding your dog are not limited to just your furry family member. You benefit from doggy sleepovers just as much, maybe more. We all know that to leave your dog behind for any reason has to be a difficult time, even if it’s for a family vacation or a happy occasion. Once you know the Dog Boarding facts, you will become confident and relaxed about the separation. It’s doesn’t have to be hard….which in turn elevates your stress and allows for easier goodbye kisses???

Unfortunately, the time may come when you just can’t take the family dog on an outing with you. In hopes that this event is planned in advance, then bookings for boarding your dog should be as well. Establish a safe place in advance. Don’t leave this for the last minute. Not only will it frazzle your nerves, your dog will become agitated too. Common sense says the journey of boarding your dog starts online. Once you locate a few facilities nearby check out their internet presence, especially Facebook. You should be able to establish the facilities overall credibility via social media.

Next visit local boarding facilities in your spare time. If the facility runs a daycare think about enrolling your dog part time just before your separation is due to occur. When you establish a safe place in advance the initial separation day isn’t so stressful. Knowing the facility and pre-booking before you leave is priority number one when boarding your dog.

Within your quest for finding pre-bookable boarding facilities you’ll more than likely visit them, so what should you look for in the consultation and walk through the process? Aside from the obvious facility requirements and reasonings for boarding; cleanliness, the behaviour of other dogs interacting with staff, facility safety, and how well your questions are answered, be ready for the paperwork. I know we all hate it but filling out paperwork is essential and not just for the obvious reasons. Why? Because if you have to do it so does everybody. Which means, the facility is true to policy and they are running a legit business. Just as importantly, they are making sure all dogs, dogs that may be part of your dog's sleepover, are up to date on vaccines, and among other things, they are flea free. A facility that runs a tight ship is one of the benefits of boarding your dog. You need to make sure that the place you board your dog truly cares.

There are a few important things that you should pack when boarding your dog. You want your dog to be as comfortable as possible, unfortunately, a stress-free separation is almost impossible but when you leave behind familiar scents, food and a safe zone, you dramatically lessen your dog's sensory overload. Make sure to ask the boarding facility if it’s ok to bring your dogs own food, bed or blanket, and favourite toy. First, as soon as your dog enters the new facility they are going to be overwhelmed with smells. We all know how well a dogs nose picks up scents...having a favourite toy gives your dog a familiar smell and a way to release some of their sensory overloads. Having some smells from home is a tremendous stress reliever. Typically your dog's bed is his safe place, so when you bring their bed he has that familiar zone and should respond well to it. Many Boarding facilities are open rooms, which is great, but if your dog’s bed is in his kennel then chances are they might feel safer having their bed and kennel for the sleepover. A good boarding facility will accommodate you and your dog. Lastly, you should supply your dog’s own food. Upset stomach can be triggered just because of the change, if you abruptly switch your dog's food it can cause stomach issues as well. Also, your dog may not eat a newly introduced dog food, now we have stomach issues and a bad feeding schedule. If you bring your own food when boarding your dog you ensure they eat as usual and with less chance of stomach issues.

One of the most important steps is the initial consultation with the owner or head of staff. You're contemplating leaving your furry family member in this facilities hands. If you don’t feel the love then how can you expect your dog too? This consultation should be satisfying to all your thoughts and questions. The best facilities will customize your stay to make boarding your dog so good they might not want to go home when you pick them up.

Boarding Your Dog

  • Research Facilities online, stalk social media

  • Establish a safe place in advance.

  • Paperwork means a tight ship

  • Bring familiar smells, safe zone, and dog food

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