A Day at the Beach

Bring your dog on vacation with you to Newburyport or Plum Island. The Beach Dog Daycare can help make a dog vacation an amazing experience and very convenient for you and your family. 

Here’s how we do it...

  • Book a rental that ensures pet-friendly properties

  • Daycare

  • Training

  • Grooming

  • Access to our recommended veterinarian 

  • Valet services

  • Enroll online and fax updated vet records

If your heading to Newburyport or Plum Island Massachusetts and you want to bring the family dog on vacation The Beach Dog Daycare makes it simple.  If you’re thinking about our area for your family vacation spot take a look at Newburyport.com. This website has an amazing directory and showcases all of the amenities our area has to offer. 


You may be apprehensive about leaving your dog behind or you have no pet sitter...even if you do have a sitter, cancel. Take your pooch with you, it's easy and in the best interest of your dog. The Beach Dog Daycare works closely with Plum Island Beach Rentals to assist in finding rental properties that are pet-friendly. Use our website to cut down on your research time by contacting our affiliate partners at Plum Island Beach Rental. This rental company understands the importance of taking your pet with you on vacation because your animal is part of your family. They make sure to have properties set aside for pets; most rentals will not accept dogs so we have collaborated with a rental agent on the Island to make sure dog lovers can take their furry family members on vacation too.

Once you have your vacation booked you need to schedule your dog at our facility Monday through Friday. The Beach Dog Daycare makes it an amazing and happy social day for your dog and eliminates the separation anxiety of being left alone while you enjoy all that our beautiful area has to offer. Dogs are placed in rooms with compatible personalities, we have a fully trained staff, including CPR certified dog watchers and a professional trainer.


We also offer full-service grooming. Robyn is our on-staff dog groomer and has years of grooming experience, please see our grooming services page which has a full-service menu and a list of Robyn's special cuts.


Why not have a training session, while you're out enjoying vacation time your dog can be in a training session. See our training page for a list of our training programs. You can also call if you have a specialized concern that you'd like to focus on.



We have a valet service as well. Yup, you read that right! We will arrange a pick up service within a 10-mile radius for free; so don't add travel time to your vacation hours; there's too much to see and experience in your short stay with us. If your rental property is outside of our radius make sure to call ahead, we do make exception...still at no charge.

NOTE: Your dog has to be enrolled before you arrive in the area to start your vacation. We make that easy as well, simply fill out our enrollment forms and have your vet fax us updated records. Then call to let us know your vacation dates. If you plan to use any of our training or grooming services please book ahead for those services as well. Use our easy buttons at the bottom of the page or call us if you have any further questions before enrolling. Lastly, enjoy your vacation with the confidence that your furry family member is enjoying their vacation just as much as you are.


Enjoying a ride-along

during valet services...