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Meet the Staff

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Pam Doherty

Owner & Operator 

You can find my bio at Meet the Owner...enough about me, let me introduce you to my amazing staff members, 

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Mariah Parsons

General Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Mariah and I am proud to be Pammy's general manager here at The Beach Dog Daycare. I am extremely proud to be one of the original staff members from when Pam opened the doggy daycare in April 2016. I am a huMOM to three amazing dogs of my own, Tonka, Dozer, and Frankie. If you're already a part of the Beach Dog Family then you know me and my doggies! If you are new to the pack or considering our doggy daycare, welcome! Our entire staff are huMOM'S too, and we have lots of extra love to share with your dogs too. Thank you for allowing us to provide the love!

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Financial Manager

Next, meet Lorry! She is our financial manager. Not only is Lorry amazing with the back end of the business, but she is also involved with hands-on duties at the daycare...and when I say duties I mean Her love of animals makes her an amazing addition to our team and her business brain keeps us on track.

Kim Casey

Marketing Manager

Hi everyone, I'm Kim and I've been with Pammy for many years. I even worked with her when she was in the cooperate world. I'm proud to say I'm also a Beach Dog OG. I have a bachelor's in Internet Marketing and I do all the fun stuff, like the websites and the artwork that incorporates all the daycare dogs. I'm not at the daycare very often but I do come support and provide love in the summer season when the staff schedules much-needed summer fun vacation days. 

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Staff Member

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Staff Member

Hello Beach Dog Family and friends...and potential new pack members! I'm Elizabeth but everyone calls me Lizzy.  I feel blessed to be a part of The Beach Dog & the Little Beach Dog pack. I couldn't think of a better job to have while I finish high school. My future plan is to move on to college, with dreams of working in the justice system and then becoming a detective. But I will forever cherish my first job in the workforce here at The Beach Dog. Thank you for allowing me to provide care to your dogs daily!

Hello hello... I'm Tiffanylee! I'm a self-proclaimed Newburyport native. I moved here 25 years ago with my husband. I used to be a hairstylist but traded in my hairdressing scissors to provide hugs and kisses to four-legged fur babies instead...and I don't regret the career change one bit! Thank you for allowing me to provide love to your dogs at daycare daily!

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Staff Member

Hi everyone, I'm Paige and I'm one of the newest staff members. I absolutely love coming to work every day. I've always wanted to work with dogs and Pammy giving me this opportunity has been a rewarding experience. I'm a huMOM too, so I know the importance of feeling confident that your pooch is in good care when you can't be with them. Thank you for allowing me to o take care of your fur babies daily!  

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