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Doggy Daycare is a great way to build your dog’s social skills in a safe and controlled environment. Dogs are inherently pack animals. They feel safe in groups. When dogs are left home alone for extended periods of time, they become anxious and may act out! Separation anxiety in dogs is a real thing, your dog is not bad, he’s experiencing anxiety because he misses his pack…his family…his safety net. 


Over the years we have seen daycare help dogs with different issues accomplish amazing milestones:


  • Fearful dogs relax and trust people & their surroundings.

  • Shy dogs interact more with humans & other dogs 

  • Overweight dogs become active & healthy.

  • Dogs mourning the loss of a family member become happy and uplifted. 

  • Energized puppies go home exhausted and calm, plus they learn important social skills. 


Daycare isn’t just for separation anxiety, doggy daycare creates social skills that improve all dogs by giving them a pack to establish themselves in. 


Puppies learn about dog-to-dog greetings, appropriate vs. inappropriate play, and how to interact with puppies, adult dogs, other breeds, and multiple staff members. These are all valuable social experiences for puppies to develop into well-balanced adult dogs. If your considering Doggy Daycare for your puppy please see our puppy protocol and we have easy enrollment options online.  


Daycare can and should be a rewarding experience for dogs and owners. Our goal is to provide a safe, fun, and sanitary environment where dogs can be dogs! We accomplish this by getting to know each dog and splitting them into multiple supervised playgroups based on things like size, age, energy level, and style of play. Providing your dog with a full, active, integrated experience daily will build improvements in behaviors on many levels. But don’t think there’s no time for resting too. There are also plenty of corners and hiding spots away from the action to take a nap if they so choose. Each weekday we give the dogs a break between 12-2 pm. We turn down the lights, turn on some calming music, and let them rest. 


The Beach Dog Daycare is a well-rounded situational, and structured day, designed around your dog's needs while allowing them to establish their place within the pack organically. Not only does The Beach Dog provide the pack “We Provide the Love.”

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