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Does Rover Have Dog Allergies?

Yes, it's Spring! It's finally time to venture out and enjoy the weather…unfortunately for some this is also the season for allergies, and your dog is no less susceptible than you. Dr Becker from estimates that half of all pet owners don't know their pet has dog allergies. To ensure your dog has a comfortable transition with the season keep a look out for symptoms.

Typical Dog Allergy Symptoms

  • Skin Issues

  • Ear Issues

  • Irritated Eyes

  • Runny Nose

  • Diarrhea

  • Vomiting

  • Constant licking

There are a few different types of dog allergies so if you feel your dog has one or more from the list above you might have to do more research before you blame it solely on pollen and environmental allergens. First, start with your vet. Your vet will do a skin and blood test to determine if your pet has seasonal dog allergies.

Ok, so you self-diagnosed and you've gotten a confirmation from your vet, now what? Without question, your vet will set you on your way with all the right tools, remedies, and regimes to care for your dog. But are there better practices to incorporate to lessen the effects of pollen and environmental allergens from fracturing your dog's immune system? I took four recommendations from Dr Nicole Eckholm that are sure to help lessen the discomfort from dog allergies...try grooming wipes, they usually combat more than one issue. For example, wipes with eucalyptus help to repel bugs. If you don't have doggy wipes use a damp towel, but be vigilant and repeat a wipe-down from head to toe a few times a day. Add a daily supplement at meal times. Supplements that soothe and heal from the inside out are biotin, omega-3’s, and coconut oil. These are all great for the skin, they heal and fortify from the inside out.. Switch to Oatmeal baths in the spring. Oatmeal soothes and heals but make sure your dog is not triggered by yeast before using. Buy a hypoallergenic shampoo, look for ingredients such as aloe, and evening primrose. These ingredients have soothing effects. And very simply, try a cool rinse-down a few times a day. This is blissful on many levels during a hot summer season.

Embrace the Spring. We have so much to look forward to this summer season, so don't let dog allergies put a damper on things. If you think Rover could have spring allergies don't hesitate to call the vet but also use precaution and add a few easy fixes to your daily dog routine.

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